Steps to access spring security protected APIs very much depend upon the Web Security Configuration in your spring boot project.

Below example i have tried to demonstrate two different Web Security Configuration and how to access it using curl.

Suppose we are trying to access following end url


While using lombok in eclipse , you might encounter error like Slf4j log variable is not recognised by lombok in eclipse

Steps to properly configure lombok in eclispe ide is as follows:

  1. Ensure that lombok dependency is present in pom.xml file
<!-- lombok dependency. -->

2. Download lombok jar from link

3. Install Lombok

  • Goto the jar location from the command prompt and run the following command java -jar lombok-1.16.18.jar and we should be greeted by Lombok installation window.
  • Now click on the “Specify Location” button and locate the eclipse.exe path under eclipse installation folder like this.
  • Now click the “Install/Update”.
  • Restart eclipse.

Thats it!


In web development, we usually separate the front-end application and back-end application. we expose APIs as a back-end component for the front-end component or third-party app integrations.

Swagger is a library that helps to auto generate the documentation of backend APIs. Moreover, it also supports testing of APIs .


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