In the previous article here, i have implemented custom authentication such that

Steps to access spring security protected APIs very much depend upon the Web Security Configuration in your spring boot project.

Below example i have tried to demonstrate two different Web Security Configuration and how to access it using curl.

Suppose we are trying to access following end url


I recently had the requirement for user authentication in a spring boot application as follows:

Check if the user exist in local database user table
-> if the user exist, then authenticate it to external windows AD server.

In Spring Security, an Authentication request is processed by an AuthenticationProvider and…

In this article we will try to authenticate a user to an external windows active directory domain server before granting him access to APIs.

Suppose you have a running windows AD server such
domain name —
IP Address —



While using lombok in eclipse , you might encounter error like Slf4j log variable is not recognised by lombok in eclipse

Steps to properly configure lombok in eclispe ide is as follows:

<!-- lombok dependency. -->

2. Download lombok jar from link

3. Install Lombok

Thats it!


Actuator is a spring boot module that allows to monitor and manage application usages in a production environment, without coding and configuration for any of them.

There are three main features of the Spring Boot Actuator:

Recently, I had the requirement to connect a spring boot application to two different databases. Details as follows

Steps -


In web development, we usually separate the front-end application and back-end application. we expose APIs as a back-end component for the front-end component or third-party app integrations.

Swagger is a library that helps to auto generate the documentation of backend APIs. Moreover, it also supports testing of APIs .



You have an Jhipster API server which is secured by JWT.

For example, here
Authentication URL — http://localhost:8080/api/authenticate
Endpoint URL — http://localhost:8080/api/students

In order to access these API through react application, we follow following steps.


2. The…

There are multiple Mapping framework available in java to map two objects of different class.

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