Enable gnome classic on RHEL8

  1. Ensure that the system has gdm-40.0–11.el8(or higher), accountsservice-0.6.55–2.el8(or higher)
#rpm -qa gdm 
#rpm -qa accountsservice

3. copy the /usr/share/accountsservice/user-templates/standard file to /etc/accountsservice/user-templates/standard

# cp /usr/share/accountsservice/user-templates/standard /etc/accountsservice/user-templates/standard

4. Change the value of Session=gnome with Session=gnome-classic in the /etc/accountsservice/user-templates/standard file

# vim /etc/accountsservice/user-templates/standard

5. Switch the runlevel

# init 3
# init 5

6. Install gnome-tweaks application

# dnf install gnome-tweaks

7. Open the Tweaks application. Select Extensions.

Enable Application menu
Enable Desktop icons
Enable Places status indicator
Enable Window list



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Himanshu Pratap

Himanshu Pratap

System Administrator and Full stack web developer.