Spring Security Custom Authentication Provider

  • Local db details :Postgresql 13.1, host- server1, port 5432, database — mydb1, users table — myuser
  • Windows AD server details: domain — example.examplegroup.co.in, IP Address —
  1. Add following dependencies to pom.xml file
spring.jpa.show-sql = true
spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto = update
public class Myuser {
private String username;
// constructor, getters, setter methods
public interface MyuserRepo extends JpaRepository<Myuser, String> {

public class MyuserService {

private final MyuserRepo myuserRepo;

public MyuserService(MyuserRepo myuserRepo) {
this.myuserRepo = myuserRepo;
// methods to check whether user exist in the table
public boolean ifExist(String username) {
Optional<Myuser> myuser = myuserRepo.findById(username);
return myuser.isPresent();
  • Authentication authenticate(Authentication authentication)
  • boolean supports(Class<?> authentication)
public class CustomAuthenticationProvider implements AuthenticationProvider {

private final MyuserService myuserService;
//constructor with field
public CustomAuthenticationProvider( MyuserService myuserService) {
this.myuserService = myuserService;
//ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider Bean
public AuthenticationProvider activeDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider(){

ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider adLdapProvider =
new ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider(
"example.examplegroup.co.in", "ldap://");
adLdapProvider.setConvertSubErrorCodesToExceptions(true); return adLdapProvider;

public Authentication authenticate(Authentication authentication) throws AuthenticationException {
// get username
String username = authentication.getName();
//check whether user exist in myuser table
boolean ifPresent = epuserService.findOne(username);

if(ifPresent) {
return activeDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider()
else throw new UsernameNotFoundException("User not found.");


public boolean supports(Class<?> authentication) {
return authentication

public class WebSecurityConfig extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter{

private CustomAuthenticationProvider customAuthProvider;

public WebSecurityConfig (CustomAuthenticationProvider customAuthProvider ) {
this.customAuthProvider = customAuthProvider;

protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
protected void configure( AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth) throws Exception {
auth.authenticationProvider( customAuthProvider);





System Administrator and Full stack web developer.

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Himanshu Pratap

Himanshu Pratap

System Administrator and Full stack web developer.

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